Why don’t we have a repentance which apostle Paul had?

God one question which comes into my mind is why don’t we have a repentance which apostle Paul had?

Why don’t we have a conversion experience which apostle Paul had?

Paul was a devotee of Old Testament law. He was persecuting the believers of Christ. He was persecuting them harshly. He was committing a sin.

Jesus – Saul Saul why are you persecuting me? Today we are also persecuting Jesus through our sin. Today jesus is asking us as well. My dear people why are you persecuting me.

We might think that when Saul was persecuting Jesus a great light fell on him and seeing that light a great impact he had on his life. Since we don’t have that experience we cannot work for God like Paul.

No that’s not true Paul knew the salvation message of Jesus before his encounter with Jesus. Paul was there at Stephens stoning. Paul might have listened to the sermon by Stephen.

We might have heard many sermons till now. If we did not repent till now we need to understand today that the word of God which we are hearing today is having the same power to convert our lives as it had the power to convert Saul to Paul.

A great light fell on Saul. A great light is falling on us today.

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