Soul Thirsts for Water

Our soul thirsts for water. But the question is from where do we quench our thirst.

If we go to the world in search of water. It will make you drunk with filth, poison, dirt, mud etc.. This will not quench your thirst. It will hurt you. It will not only hurt your soul but also your body. They may taste different but they won’t taste good.

If you come to Jesus he will give you the living water which will quench your thirst for ever.

Your soul will be nourished if you drink water daily from the words of Jesus. The taste of this living water is good. It will make you feel good and you will come daily to the well of Jesus.

The well of Jesus will not dry. The sick water of the world will go dry.

Words of Jesus are like a fountain having enough water to quench the thirst of not just for one person but for the whole world.

Living waters of Jesus are spread across the whole world. Bible is available in most of the languages to read.

His words have quenched the thirst of millions of people. They still taste relevant and make you feel good.

World needs Jesus, We all need Jesus

World and the people of the world are filled with darkness. They need Jesus and the light of Jesus to shine in them.

The “Light of Jesus” is strong enough to pierce into the “Heart of Darkness” and “Soul of Darkness”.

The “Life of Jesus” is strong enough to bear a mark on “Soul of Darkness”.

The “Words of Jesus” are strong enough to convert the “Soul of Darkness”.

The “Sacrifice of Jesus” is full enough to erase the sin of the “Soul of Darkness”.

The “Risen Jesus” is the livingGod to give eternal life to the sinking “Soul of Darkness”.

O poor “Soul of Darkness” you are cornered by the majesty of “Jesus Christ” the son of the Living God.

Why don’t we have a repentance which apostle Paul had?

God one question which comes into my mind is why don’t we have a repentance which apostle Paul had?

Why don’t we have a conversion experience which apostle Paul had?

Paul was a devotee of Old Testament law. He was persecuting the believers of Christ. He was persecuting them harshly. He was committing a sin.

Jesus – Saul Saul why are you persecuting me? Today we are also persecuting Jesus through our sin. Today jesus is asking us as well. My dear people why are you persecuting me.

We might think that when Saul was persecuting Jesus a great light fell on him and seeing that light a great impact he had on his life. Since we don’t have that experience we cannot work for God like Paul.

No that’s not true Paul knew the salvation message of Jesus before his encounter with Jesus. Paul was there at Stephens stoning. Paul might have listened to the sermon by Stephen.

We might have heard many sermons till now. If we did not repent till now we need to understand today that the word of God which we are hearing today is having the same power to convert our lives as it had the power to convert Saul to Paul.

A great light fell on Saul. A great light is falling on us today.

Sin and Suffering

Sin is ruling the world that’s the reason people are suffering. God wants to give peaceful life to man. But because of sin devil steals the happiness of man. Corruption is sin.

People are living a frustrated life. Because sin is ruling in their hearts. Sin eats people’s health, wealth. Sin is spread across all levels, powers of humanity. People are looking for a solution. They want a change. They want to end corruption.

But they cannot find a answer. Well there is no immediate answer but there is one person who can bring a change into this world to India. He is Jesus. Everyone needs to accept Jesus as their saviour. We will see change in people their minds will be transformed. Because he alone died for our sins.

When we accept him as our savior our sins will be forgiven. We will not be a slave to sin. Man will not look for his own self but he will think about others.

He will think about helping others. Man has lost his mind because of sin. Devil brings fear in mans mind and because of fear man sins. Jesus removes fear from mans mind. Jesus will give peace not as the world gives but his peace will he give and then man will have eternal peace.

Our Heritage

Today many brothers and sisters don’t know what’s Gods will for them in their life. They don’t have the burden which their parents have. They look like they are walking not on the main road but on the side road.

They are not walking as per the will of God but as per their own desires and not as per the desire of God.

They have ambitions which are not based on the past blessings. They only consider future blessings. They don’t praise God and thank him for their past blessings.

They don’t understand and remember the heritage which God has given them. Psalmist says that in 61:5 “Thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name.”

God has given us the heritage of our forefathers who feared the name of God. This heritage is more valuable than all the riches of the world. We need to thank God for giving this heritage.

God has given salvation to our forefathers. He choosed us to be his people. God gave us salvation. He saved us from idol worship.

By giving us salvation God has blessed us. He planted us near the flow of living water.

We need to glorify, praise God for giving this heritage. This heritage gives eternal life.

Psalmist says in 16:5 – Lord you are my inheritance. You are the portion of my inheritance.

Let’s remember our heritage and our inheritance and ask God for our future blessings.