Soul Thirsts for Water

Our soul thirsts for water. But the question is from where do we quench our thirst.

If we go to the world in search of water. It will make you drunk with filth, poison, dirt, mud etc.. This will not quench your thirst. It will hurt you. It will not only hurt your soul but also your body. They may taste different but they won’t taste good.

If you come to Jesus he will give you the living water which will quench your thirst for ever.

Your soul will be nourished if you drink water daily from the words of Jesus. The taste of this living water is good. It will make you feel good and you will come daily to the well of Jesus.

The well of Jesus will not dry. The sick water of the world will go dry.

Words of Jesus are like a fountain having enough water to quench the thirst of not just for one person but for the whole world.

Living waters of Jesus are spread across the whole world. Bible is available in most of the languages to read.

His words have quenched the thirst of millions of people. They still taste relevant and make you feel good.