Jesus won the Hearts of People

The minds of people can master many things. But God wants hearts of people. He wants the hearts of the people. Jesus came down to this earth to win the hearts of the people.

Many people with their minds might have won the minds of people. But Jesus with his heart touching words has won the hearts of people. To take these Souls unto heaven.

Many have mastered the minds of people but Jesus through his teachings has mastered the hearts of people to him. When Jesus looks at people he looks at the hearts of people.

Minds of people may get maximum knowledge but it’s the hearts discretion what is needed to figure out the truth. To differentiate between good and bad. Between the earthy things and heavenly things.

Mind thinks about earthly things but Jesus has transformed the hearts to think about heavenly things. And the heart directs the mind to think heavenly things.

Mind looks for wisdom, worldly wisdom but heart looks for heavenly wisdom, divine wisdom the wisdom which gives salvation to the mankind.

The teachings of Jesus touch the hearts of people and they transform the minds of people and turn the hearts of people to him.

The works of Jesus touch the hearts of people. Creation touches the hearts of the people and creation makes the mind to think that the heart and mind both come to God.

Jesus himself coming into this world dying on the cross has touched the hearts of the people. But the minds of some troubling them not to accept Jesus as a saviour. Jesus shedding his blood on the cross has touched the hearts of people.

The very acts of Jesus on the cross has transformed the heart of the thief and he repented for his sins on the cross. He was looking at Jesus with his heart full of sorrow and to get rid of sorrow of hell and to be in the heaven. The other thief who was on the cross was reading Jesus with his mind and he was not able to transform himself. He wanted a temporary relief from the current bondage which he had on the cross. But not eternal salvation. Mans mind is looking for temporal salvation.

I am fighting the devil with Gods word in my heart. And God wants to transform the hearts and minds of people. God wants to put his word in our hearts so that our heart can talk to the mind and transform the mind.

Stephen Hawking had a great mind but his heart was far from God. Mind might have knowledge but the heart lacks discretion to accept Jesus as a saviour.

Mind makes man to think that he is just a substance but God has put heart in man to know that he has a living soul in him. Mind wants to overtake hearts of people. But God wants to put his word in our hearts to overcome our mind.

Beatitudes of Jesus touches the hearts of people. Jesus has won the hearts and minds of many. Heart looks for truth mind looks for knowledge.

Few Sayings

I don’t understand why people want to put aside God. You may be a geologist or astronaut or scientist or whatever field your study may be into. The Hand of God is Everywhere.

If you go deep down into waters his presence is there and if you go to the Heights of Heaven his presence is there. If you study the creation his wisdom is there. All in All God is Everywhere.